Information technology and security training

Our company have broad experience in the areas of project management, auditing, information technology and information security. This experience was gained through learning and utilising international best prectices, methods and standards and therefore our training portfolio have been established based on these methods.

During our assignments we are targeting companies with unique requirements in the above mentioned areas. This means that we are merging in the training material the learnt best practices with their needs, policies and processes and as required we are also helding the training on their behalf. The methodologies we are competnet are the following:
  • Managing projects based on Prince 2
  • ITIL best practices up till Expert certification
  • ISACA information security management and auditing

Our company does not have individual training accrediation number, but to ensure that such requirements can be met, have established partnership with companies who can provide such environement.   

If interested, please do contact us by providing details of your interest.