Value added IT

Our consulting portfolio covers general project management, supporting the implementation of new IT systems or reviewing and enhancing the IT processes. The main intent to comission our Company is to support the "decreasing budget" challenges with the increasing complexity and fast changing of the business.

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Awareness and security    

Our training services are aiming to share our experience and industry best practices in the area of managing IT and improving information security. Our company increase infromation security awareness, through developing unique training materials, holding trainings or provide training based on industry standards.

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Review and improve

Our company is focusing on reviewing and auditing information processing systems (including the IT infrastructure) and processes according to international standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000-1. By having extensive knowledge and real life experience with these standards our company can support efficient review and identify improvement opportunities for all companies.

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Internal threats

Risk based controls

Our company performs risk management with both interview techniques and automated product. For this purpose we apply an "agent" based software, which collects all events on the machines, while ensuring that the collection is compliant with the local regulations and laws. The product enables data protection, but can be utilised to improve employee performance.

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