Auditing - based on international standards

Our auditing services are recommended for those companies who are maintaining already or aiming to achieve international standards like quality or information security management or have to manage their processes according to vendor and / or partner guidelines.

What is the benefit to comply with a standard?

The requirements of the standards are created by internationally accepted companies (Accreditation bodies like ISO) in a way that the different companies, products, services are become comparable, enables their integration based on a specific point of view. The overall aim of each standard is to create value for the end customer, while working according to a standard requirements provides recognition for the companies. So this means that being certified according to a standard increases the value of your company's service value. Also in many tenders and Request for Proposals being certified is the first enabler to participate in them, which can give valueable resources for your company.

Our company's consultants have a wide scale of experience how to comply with the different management standards, which enables the right implementation approach based on the customer's ways of working and specific requirements. When companies already have such management systems we can support reviewing them and give possible guidance on improvement opportunities. 

Our main profile is performing the internal audits, which is a prerequisite of the external certification audit. Our company can provide support in the certification process with our existing partnership. 

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